Pack physical activity into your vacation

Whatever your destination, a vacation provides plenty of opportunities for fitness. The key? Fit physical activity into your plans — and make it fun!

Plan it

  • Consider a vacation centered on an activity such as hiking, biking, rafting, backpacking, golfing, yoga or swimming at a beach.
  • Choose lodgings that offer a pool, fitness facility, spa or guided activities.
  • When making reservations, ask about activities appropriate for your family.
  • Inquire about nearby walking or running paths.
  • Pack a pair of comfortable walking shoes, a bathing suit and sunscreen.


Gear up

  • If you’re renting equipment, make sure it’s well maintained and meets safety standards.
  • If you rent a bicycle or in-line skates, include a helmet and pads.
  • Wear the right clothes. Dress in layers if necessary.


Jump in

  • Explore the sights by walking, biking or hiking.
  • Try something fun you’ve never done— such as snorkeling, water skiing or kayaking.
  • Walk to restaurants, shops and attractions.
  • Go out dancing in the evening.
  • On a road trip, take breaks for short walks, a game of catch or stretching.
  • At airports, walk the terminal.
  • Try camping, and carry your gear.
  • If the weather’s bad, consider indoor activities, such as in-line skating or walking through a museum.
  • Consider a walking tour.
  • End the day with a dip in the hotel pool.

Be sure to introduce children to new activities gently, and build in time for naps for younger ones.

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