Cardio is a crucial part of a balanced wellness program. Doing the same cardio routine day after day not only can get tedious, it can also cause injury. At Daytona Wellness Center, we aim to provide you with a variety of options to improve your cardio workouts. Our treadmills can provide a vigorous workout for those who like to push, but also a more comfortable experience for those who prefer to walk. Our recumbant bicycles are superb for a hard or easy workout with low impact to avoid injury. Our upper body ergometer is superb for above-the-waist rahabilitation, and our elliptial and stair-stepper machines offer intense cardio while building lower-body strength.


Our state-of-the-art leg machines provide a full workout to cover all the major and minor muscle groups below your waist. A well-rounded leg routine will cover exercise for: tibia, calf, soleus, gastrocnemius, adductors, quadriceps, hamstrings and all the minor muscle groups.


The neck is the conduit through which all of our brain-muscle communication occurs! We highly recommend using our MedEx 4-way neck machine that safely isolates your neck muscles, strengthening and stretching them to deliver improved balance and posture while reducing pain in your body.


The back is probably the greatest source of pain for most adults. A strong back is more resistant to injury. Our MedEx low-back machine is a precision piece of equipment with variable range of motion that isolates the major core muscles in your back, allowing you to safely strengthen your core and prevent injury.

Love Handles

No one loves love handles! Luckily, we’ve got that situation ‘handled’ with our MedEx rotary torso machine. Have a seat, lock in your legs, and set your range of motion as you twist from side to side, strengthening your core muscles and working toward that shapely “V” that many athletes have above their hips at waist-level. Golfers, tennis players and hockey players also greatly benefit from this exercise.

Upper Body

We’ve got your shoulders, chest and the rest of your upper body covered as well. From chest flies to assisted dips, cable cross, tricep extensions, bicep curls, and more, you’ll certainly be able to achieve a balanced workout here!

We are proud to say that we have the absolute best equipment for every muscle group in your body. Give us a call to set up your first training session and discover why Daytona Wellness Center is your partner when it comes to your personal health, fitness and recovery.

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