It was three years ago that I had my last kidney transplant, the third transplant for me, it saved my life. It was then when I decided that, this has to be a new start in my life. I had this 40-year-old body that functioned with donated organs from people I would never would be able to thank properly. Before the transplant, I was on the edge of dialysis, pushed to the last survival instinct. I had a family that looked up to me and I decided that I could not let this new gift of life go to waste again.

Before the transplant I took a lot of medications to barely exist. First I took medications when I was young, to fight diabetes, as a result of a flu shot, then insulin followed by a strict no sugar diet. I had to use blood pressure medication, immunosuppressants, steroids, antibiotics and the list goes on. You name it and I have used them. All this medication was taken in an effort to make my body function properly, but after a while everything failed for me. To do it again after the third transplant did not seem a smart move. I decided to try something I haven't done in a long time; eat healthy and exercise, back then a foreign concept for my body and my state of mind.

Then the biggest enlightenment came when I found The Oasis. I was inspired because it offered a chance to follow a different path toward recovery. Neither pills or doctors, but just working with what gifts god gave me. Helping my body perform to its best ability. Stimulating my muscles and my mind. Going through a healing experience like no other, and one of the reasons I became part of the oasis team.

With my degree from Keiser University in Sports Medicine, I became a Licensed Sports Nutritionist. The Oasis and I believe everyone has the capability to restore and recover the body and mind through food as medicine and exercise as energy for life!

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