Reach Your
Beauty &

Our dedication to complete wellness utilizes the latest technology, equipment, and proven strategies to get you on track and stay the course.

  1. Lose Fat
  2. Gain Muscle Tone
  3. Improve Flexibility, Balance and Coordination
  4. Increase Cardiovascular Health
  5. Reach Your Health, Beauty and Fitness Goals

Introductory Price for the complete, 6-week comprehensive program: $530*

For more information, call Rai Demneri:

Hurry! Program ends May 31, 2019.


Personal Training Sessions to Motivate and Teach Your Ideal Strategy

  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Functional Progress
  • Balance, Strength & Flexibility

Nutritional Strategy to Reinforce Your Health, Beauty and Fitness Goals

  • Personalized Nutritional Consulting
  • Pre- and Post-Nutritional Biomarker
    • [Non-Invasive scan Determines your bodies ability to metabolize food and supplemental nutrients. ]
  • Comprehensive Meal Plans
  • Shopping Lists

Therapy Sessions to Increase Your Success Rate and Ensure That You Reach Your Goals

One 15-minute session per week for 6 weeks of each of the following:

  • Normatec Leg Compression
  • Hydromassage
  • Back on Trac Low Back Decompression
  • One-On-One practitioner Sessions
    • Two sessions each included.
  • Chiropractic Treatment
  • Lymphatic Detox
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