During my two-month internship at The Oasis I shadowed Stillman Rice as he trained his clients and even had the chance to train several potential clients during their trial period by myself. After my first day I knew immediately one why he has been in the Wellness industry for the past 40 years, two why he has been so successful and lastly why he will continue to flourish in anything he sets his sights on. Although my time under Stillman was a once in a lifetime learning experience, most of my time was spent shadowing Rai Demneri, Sports Nutritionist and Chief Wellness Consultant of The Oasis, in the sports recovery. And just to say if this spa was not running so well because it is a one of a kind facility, I would look to the brilliance and savvy that Rai runs it with.

After my internship, I was offered a position to stay on board. I now work here part time, and I’m truly grateful for the opportunity of not only to work, but also to grow, experience and learn in such a positive environment. Between Stillman, Rai and the rest of the team here, there isn’t a ceiling for The Oasis.